9 Jobs That Will Be Stolen by Robots

sports officials

6) Sports Official

Officiating athletic games is one of the most difficult jobs someone can have. Regardless if you are right or wrong, if you make a call in a critical game or match you will be hated by fans of the losing call.

If you look at sports such as tennis, matches have been officiated with both technology and dozens of line judges and an official. In fact, when a player challenges a call, the chair umpire goes to the robot cam to see exactly if the ball was in or out. Sports with clear guidelines such as tennis and racing will inevitably go to automated officiating. However, contact sports with rules around fouls such as basketball, football and baseball will likely move to a dual-officiating practice. For example, the strike zone may be monitored by a robot, while that slide-tackle into second will be an umpires call.