9 Jobs That Will Be Stolen by Robots

Technology has always replaced the jobs that humans don’t want to do, and in the end this makes life easier. Estimates say that by 2025, nearly 25% of the jobs people do now will be replaced by robots or other technology. Keep in mind, this does not mean 25% of the current working world will be out of a job. It means that new kinds of jobs will exist. When a car replaced a horse for transportation, cars provided millions of more jobs. Smart phones led to a tech revolution and millions of new jobs in the tech field.

The following are 9 jobs that will likely be replaced in the future, and done by robots.

1) Surgeon

Surgery, much like driving, has a human element to the work. A human element that if screwed up has severe life-altering consequences. Fortunately for surgery, the people doing it are the top of the top as far as human ability. Surgeons also provide a high-degree of knowledge and critical quick-thinking that may be difficult for a robot to replace.

It is inevitable that common surgeries will be replaced by robots, and some, such as Lasik eye surgery, have a degree of robotics involved. There are machine based surgeries being performed right now, however much like humans, they have not yet been proven to be fail-safe.