9 Jobs That Will Be Stolen by Robots


2) Mail Delivery

This is another industry that has begun to take huge steps toward an automated system operated by robots. However, the mail delivery centers around the world can take a brief sigh of relief. The future of mail delivery is likely in drones. It will be much like a Jetsons’ type of future with bubbled-drones flying every which way and delivering mail and packages directly to your doorstep.

UPS made headlines recently by announcing the coming future of UPS delivery. Once all the bugs have been worked out, it is likely that other key players in package delivery such as Amazon, USPS, and Fed-Ex will be quickly on board.

Those bugs by the way, are not necessarily in the technology, but rather the logistics of such a massive project. In addition, with national security issues a hot topic among politicians, the federal approval (FAA, Interstate Commerce, NSA) is likely decades away. I’d guess you’ll be flying your own car before drones are delivering mail.