9 Jobs That Will Be Stolen by Robots


4) Journalists

Traditionally jobs that deal with humanity, and quick change are felt to be “safe”. That is it is hard to conceive that robots will ever have the ability to think they way humans do and provide the humanly touch we so desire. For many years it was thought journalists would survive the technology plunge. In fact, as technology had improved in the last twenty years there are more writers and journalists than ever.

So, how would robots replace them? Well, you may not know this but many articles you already read are being written by robots. There are a handful of companies who provide software that can take a stack of data and turn it into a readable article. Right now, much of this happens in statistic-laden subjects such as sports and investing. This is also very common in story rewrites, where a program can take 10 stories covering the same event and rewrite that story to make a new one. These systems are still in their infancy; however, it won’t be long before the majority of what you read was written by a software program. This doesn’t mean journalism as we know it is going away, but it does mean that the scope of a journalist’s work will change. You are likely to find a more generic form of writing for covering basic news, while stories requiring a human element will become a larger focus for writers of the future.