9 Jobs That Will Be Stolen by Robots


7) Pharmacist

The entire role of the pharmacist will not be replaced by a robot, however, there are certainly aspects of the job which will be performed by a robot. For example, and this does exist, you enter your prescription into your account. A robot reads that prescription, grabs a bottle, and sends the bottle down a line that precisely fills the order, closes the cap, bags it and delivers it to you at the counter. This is likely the future of picking up a prescription.

It is also likely that touch screen monitors will play a bigger role in providing information to prescription users on side-effects, dosage and other information your pharmacist provides. In addition, over-the-counter information and suggestions will be provided by a database with doctor and consumer reviews.
While walking up to a counter with a pharmacist may eventually be replaced with robots, pharmacists have nothing to worry about, as research and pharmaceuticals will likely be in high demand for a long time.