9 Ways to Get Medicine Cheap and Save Huge!

By Amanda Morgan

Medication costs the average American $1,214 per year according to a report by Millman, Inc. The astronomical prices of medicine that Americans pay for medications are not typical around the globe. Overall, American medications cost about double compared to most of the world. In recent years the average price of medication has only been getting higher in the United States. Fortunately, there are ways to lower your yearly medication bills and save some money. Read this article to find out 9 ways to get your medicine cheaper and start saving money today.

1) Get the Generic Brand

You should always check the prices of your medication’s before getting a prescription filled. One of the best options is to discuss using the generic version with your doctor. Generic versions are usually considerably cheaper and have a much lower co-pay, if there is one. While you may be hesitant to start using the generic version, it’s important to know all medications within the USA must be approved by the FDA. They ensure that generic versions perform the same as the brand-name. Sometimes, there are minor differences between the generic version and the brand-name medication, but your doctor will be able to advise you on what you can and cannot take. Pharmacists are also an excellent source of information, as it’s their job to know the medications in full detail. If you can take the generic version, your doctor should order it on your prescription.