10 Reasons So Many People Use Uber For Extra Income


8) Downtime

Downtime for drivers can be considered both good and bad. However, for many people who work the regular nine to five jobs, they relish the time when they can go to lunch or take a little break. For drivers it is the same. With downtime you have the ability to go to lunch, pull over and go for a nice walk, or read a book.

One of the job benefits is you can utilize downtime as much as you’d like, and take it anywhere you would like. When you are ready to get back on the road, the road is waiting. There are times of the day where fares are scarce. However, many drivers have found that these are great times to make good money, as other drivers are simply not willing to work the hours when they aren’t busy and receiving one fare after another. Whether you look at downtime as a matter of relaxing, or being opportunistic, it is a good deal.