10 Reasons Why Life is Better After 60

relationships improveThe surprising fact is that while people frequently complain about aging and the fact they can’t do things with the same intensity and vigor they had in their youth, most mature adults actual report that they are happier now than at any other time in their adult lives. Through the years we accumulate maturity, experience, knowledge of oneself and how to cultivate relationships with others, among many other coping skills we just didn’t have earlier in life. This leads to a greater sense of peace in life and as one approaches retirement, there also comes greater freedom and new opportunities. There is a reason they call these the “golden years”!

1) Relationships Improve

One of the most important skills, gained throughout our lifetime of aging, is how we learn about ourselves, and how to have effective relationships with others. Relationships become more meaningful as we get older and we tend to let go of the ones that aren’t working.

Rather than holding back, we are more open about our weaknesses so that our relationships may continue to grow, We also learn to appreciate loyal friendships. We tend to seek deep and meaningful relationships as opposed to superficial one. These truer relationships often tend to make our later years the best years of our lives. These relationships bring joy, happiness, contentment, and a feeling of mutual respect and love.