10 Reasons So Many People Use Uber For Extra Income

meeting new people

4) Love meeting new people

If you haven’t guessed already, an Uber driver must have a degree of customer service and friendliness about them. In fact, it may play a critical role in being able to pick up new fares at all. With Uber’s driver rating service, the way you interact with people can play an integral part of your business.

If you naturally enjoy meeting and being around new people, this is certainly a job you can do that. While many of us grew up thinking cabbies were a bit on the brisk side, there is a different attitude among Uber drivers. First, you are driving your own car. Second, for riders, it is almost like they are stepping into a friend’s car, and talking is much more acceptable than it may be in a taxi.

If you love meeting new people, this is an opportunity to meet hundreds, or more, in a very short period of time.