10 Reasons So Many People Use Uber For Extra Income


5) Uber makes it easy

Uber takes away much of the struggle of starting your own business. You don’t need to worry about tracking accounts, fares, travel and looking for riders. Nearly everything handled with Uber is done through their app. Prior to requesting a fare, riders must enter a credit card number from which their fare will be deducted. Then Uber notifies available drivers of a potential rider. You notify Uber if you can take the trip.

Instead of having to deal with fare-beating riders, the cost is simply deducted from their account, and you don’t deal with them. Then Uber pays you via direct deposit once a week. While you will not have the benefit of nightly pay, the weekly paycheck does give the impression of a regular paycheck which for many feels more secure than a day to day payment.

When all is said and done, you don’t need to worry about the business side of things and you can concentrate on driving.