9 Ways to Save Huge on Your Food

happy hourOne of the biggest expenses for families is their food budget. The days of the dad working and the mom staying home to cook a well-balanced diet have seemingly gone by the wayside as people are now more apt to grab a pizza on the way home, or order Chinese food. We’ve come to expect a lifestyle of speed and ease. Unfortunately, this practice is not only affecting our waist line, but also our bank account.

Regardless of whether you love to eat out, or order in, there are ways to manage your monthly food budget, to drop it in half, and even more.

1) Happy Hour

Many restaurants and bars throughout any city offer huge happy hour discounts. You can get drinks and food at half price, and often much more. There was a time when happy hour meant that women eat free. Why women? Because if a bar or restaurant could attract women, then men will follow.

However, over the past two decades’ happy hour has extended to more than just an hour of time throughout the United States. You can equivocally consider happy hour among the ranks of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes it appears happy hour is harder to not find, than it is to find.

This is a great thing for those of you who enjoy eating out, but might not have the money to do so as much as you’d like. For $5-$7 you can have an entire meal and enjoy that indie beer you’ve heard so much about. That’s a savings of half or more from what it would cost outside the hours of 4:00 to 6:00.