9 Ways to Save Huge on Your Food


4) Birthday Deals

Birthday deals could have been tossed under special days. However, in a way, birthday deals are a little different as they don’t separate anyone. As long as you have some way to prove it is your birthday, you can save a lot of money bouncing from one restaurant to the next taking in meals and desserts until your hearts content.

While many people are aware of birthday deals in the form of an ice cream sundae, and a restaurant of out of work actors willing to display their vocal chords in a chorus of “Happy Birthday to You…” few people understand the degree in which you can find free food. By signing up for a birthday reminder at restaurants throughout the year you will be sent a flurry of free meals, discounts and gift cards for your birthday.

Birthday deals are great, and feeling special on your birthday is great. That’s why, whatever restaurant first started giving out free meals on birthdays should be given an award of greatness.