9 Ways to Save Huge on Your Food

discount grocery

8) Discount Grocery stores

When most people think about discount stores they may think warehouse clubs or The Dollar Store. However, there is a new trend which started decades ago and is now becoming much more popular. That trend is the forever discount grocery store. These stores provide very affordable food and produce, which is surprisingly good quality.
The big names are Aldi’s and Bottom Dollar Food, however there are several more out there. There are a few quirks about these stores you should know about, which can easily shy away an unsuspecting person who stops in to just grab a can of beans.

Many of these stores either don’t provide grocery bags at all, will sell you reusable grocery bags or will sell you plastic bags. Unless you are from California, this might be very new to you. Another down side is many of these stores do not accept credit cards or checks. Yet, they often have an ATM on site. Another note, is that some of the stores will not bag the groceries. This can be rather embarrassing if your groceries pile up, and you do nothing.

Despite these little inconveniences, using a discount grocery store can save you a lot of money in a month, without having to spend money to become a member.