9 Ways to Save Huge on Your Food

double coupon

6) Double Coupon Days

If you happen to go to the grocery store at 7:00 AM on a particular day of the week, you may find yourself in the worst shopping experience of your life. The store will be filled with people, all deliberately slow, and methodical. Food products, will be tossed, shoved, and left in random areas of the store, and if you step in front of someone or reach for the last can of something in particular you may receive a scowl that will make you cry.

This is what is known as double coupon days, and if you ever wanted to save money, these are the days. What happens is some grocery stores offer double discounts on all presented coupons, sometimes including coupons and discounts from competitor’s stores. When you watch those shows on television about extreme couponers outwitting the stores and actually making money off 100 rolls of toilet paper, this is the day it all happens.

For a regular person (non-couponer) you may save $10-$20 a trip. To an extreme couponer, they may make $100 and fill two cars with groceries.