11 Things People Blow Money On And Almost Never Use

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We’ve all experienced that moment where a low price tag tempts us to blow money on something that we don’t need. Sometimes, these things end up being very useful. Most of the time, though, you’ll throw this item into the back of your closet and never touch it again. This doesn’t just happen with impulse buys. There are also some big-ticket items that you may spend a long time researching, but will end up almost never using. There are many big and small products that sound good, but you’ll end up rarely using once you buy them. Before you blow your hard-earned money, here are eleven of the most common things that people buy and then barely ever use.

1) Magazines

Many people who have magazine subscriptions end up never reading the magazines they’ve bought. When a new magazine comes in the mail, they’ll toss it down on the coffee table and then immediately forget about it. Or, they’ll end up buying a digital copy of the same magazine because it’s more convenient for when they’re commuting to work or going on a plane. If this sounds like you, it may be time to cancel your magazine subscription. There’s a good chance that you won’t even miss having the subscription, and you’ll be able to save a bit of money each year. If you cancel your subscription and the magazine puts out an issue that you really want to read, you could always buy it from your local newsstand. Or, you could get it on your phone or tablet.


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