11 Reasons You Need to Buy a New TV

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4K ultra high defWith the availability of endless hours of television streamed into your home, DVDs and blu-rays still holding a strong market, and new gaming systems coming out nearly every year, many say we are living in the second golden age of television. If your TV is more than a couple years old, you are missing out on a lot of great stuff. Here are 11 reasons why you should buy a new TV:

1) 4K Ultra High Definition

One of the hottest buzzwords when discussing cutting edge television technology is consistently 4K Ultra HD. The average buyer, however, may not know exactly what the term means. The short answer is that this phrase refers to the number of pixels present on any given screen, regardless of size. Older style full HD televisions contained, on average, around 2 million pixels. The new 4K Ultra HD televisions are packed with 4 times as many, topping out right around 8 million pixels. More pixels on the screen means the screen can hold more visual information. The more information you have on a screen, the sharper the image will be. Also along those lines, with this new higher pixel density becoming the standard, this allows for buyers to have a much larger screen without the fear of image breakdown.


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