10 US States That US Residents are Moving Into!

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8) North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is another Southern state that has experienced an influx of new residents. Here, 56% of moves in 2017 were inbound, and 44% were outbound. Overall, 54.73% of people moved to North Carolina for a new job, and 21.06% of people moved for retirement. Many people also moved to North Carolina to be closer to family, with 19.67% of people moving for that reason. North Carolina is also a popular place to move because of its booming economy and its growing arts and culture scene. Plus, North Carolina also has lots to offer outdoor lovers, with both amazing beaches and mountainous parks. North Carolina is full of welcoming large cities and small towns with tons to offer new residents. Because of this, many people are choosing to move to North Carolina.[adrotate group=”3″]

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