10 US States That US Residents are Moving Into!

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2) Oregon

The state of Oregon also gained many new residents in 2017. In total, 65% of moves in Oregon were inbound, and only 35% were outbound. One of the main reasons people moved to Oregon was for a job—48.86% of people moved to the state for this reason. Plus, 24.10% moved to the state to be closer to family, and 15.96% moved there for retirement. Oregon has tons to offer its new residents. Business Insider ranked Oregon as the sixth-best state to live in 2018 because of its high employment rate and high GDP growth rate. Many of the state’s major cities also have high Livability rankings. Portland has a Livability ranking of 68, and Eugene has a Livability ranking of 71, which puts it in the 67th percentile for the whole country. For these reasons and many more, many people are choosing to move to Oregon.[adrotate group=”3″]

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