10 US States That US Residents are Moving Into!

Every year, thousands of US residents choose to move across state lines. Some residents move for work, while others are retirees looking for the perfect place to spend their golden years. While some states have experienced a huge influx of population, others have lost more residents that they’ve gained. If you’re curious about where most Americans are moving, United Van Lines conducts a survey every year to see which states have the largest inbound population. In their 41st annual survey in 2017, they learned that many Americans are moving to Mountain West states. These states are especially popular with retirees. If you’re wondering which states are the most popular, here are the 10 states that gained the largest influx of new residents in 2017.

1) Vermont

The Green Mountain State is the only Northeastern state that received a high inbound population in 2017. According to United Van Lines’ survey, 68% of moves in Vermont were inbound, and only 32% were outbound, meaning Vermont gained far more residents than it lost. Retirees are one of the largest groups moving into Vermont—in total, 28.57% of inbound moves were retirees. Many people also moved to Vermont for the state’s lifestyle—25% of moves were for this reason. Vermont also gained many new residents in 2016. According to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, 3.4% of Vermont residents moved to the state in 2016, which is a higher percentage than many other states. In recent years, Vermont has become a very popular state to move to.


2) Oregon

The state of Oregon also gained many new residents in 2017. In total, 65% of moves in Oregon were inbound, and only 35% were outbound. One of the main reasons people moved to Oregon was for a job—48.86% of people moved to the state for this reason. Plus, 24.10% moved to the state to be closer to family, and 15.96% moved there for retirement. Oregon has tons to offer its new residents. Business Insider ranked Oregon as the sixth-best state to live in 2018 because of its high employment rate and high GDP growth rate. Many of the state’s major cities also have high Livability rankings. Portland has a Livability ranking of 68, and Eugene has a Livability ranking of 71, which puts it in the 67th percentile for the whole country. For these reasons and many more, many people are choosing to move to Oregon.


3) Idaho

The state of Idaho is another Mountain West state that gained far more residents than it lost in 2017. In total, 63% of moves in Idaho were inbound, and 37% were outbound. Of this 63% percent, 32% moved to the state for a new job, and 25.33% moved to Idaho for retirement. Sixty-six percent of people who moved the state in 2017 were 55 or older. One of the reasons why so many retirees are going to Idaho is because of its low cost of living and beautiful scenery. The state has tons to offer people who love going hiking, fishing, or skiing. Because of that, many people have chosen to move to Idaho in recent years. In 2016, Idaho also experienced a large population boost, with 4.3% of the state’s population moving in that year.


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