9 Ways to Prepare for A Natural Disaster!

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5) Determine a Meeting Place

When your family is spread out during your daily routines of work, school etc. it’s important to have designated meeting places in case of emergency. Make sure to have alternates if some routes are impassable. Choose one location close to your home and inform all family members about this place. In case of an emergency, you need to arrange to meet at the closest location possible and have an out of town location as a backup in case the disaster prevents you from meeting at the first location. During emergencies, text messages are much more dependable than phone calls. Stay tuned to a local news radio station for up to the minute information. Also, if you are aware of impending danger or a storm, try to communicate before the worst happens so all family members know to go the designated meeting place, instead of going home.[adrotate group=”3″][adrotate group=”7″]

6) Know Your Area

This may sound silly to some. After all, you live there so how could you not know your area? However, many people are only familiar with the main routes that take them where they need to go, like work, school and shopping for example. Take some time to explore some back roads and alternate routes to the places you go. Also, find out what locations you can go to for shelter in the event that you can no longer stay in your home or can’t get home when disaster strikes. If you’re new to an area, finding out what kind of natural disasters that may frequent your area will greatly help you know how to be prepared. Lastly, practice your escape routes. Pay attention to “Evacuation Route” signs on the highway, and make sure everyone in your family knows where they are, in case your evacuation occurs separately.

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