8 Ways Technology Will Make Life Better for Retirees

7) Shoes that deter falls

When you think of shoes that deter falls, you might get a little chuckle picturing you and your friends tripping over your own feet and falling. Yet, did you know that for ages 65-84 falls from the same level is the second highest cause of accident related deaths? It is the highest cause of accident related death to those over 84. For a retiree, fall deterring shoes are a big deal.

Studies have brought to light a vibrating technology for shoes that stabilizes the person wearing them. This has been proven to reduce falls by 70%. A good way to think of how this technology works is looking into earthquake proof buildings on the west coast of the U.S. These are tall structures designed to work with vibrations in the ground to avoid falling down.

The shoes work on a much smaller and almost undetectable vibration. When the person begins to sway, or start even a subtle movement in an awkward direction, a signal directs vibration to that foot resulting in a “resetting” type of effect for the walker. Currently, there are only prototypes available and could be mass marketed within 2 years.