8 Ways Technology Will Make Life Better for Retirees

remote monitoring

5) Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring gives your doctor the ability to monitor several biological conditions from their office, while you are at home. This is a technology used often, even now, by athletes and people trying to keep fit. Think of fit watches monitoring heart rate and calorie expenditure. It’s the same technology. A person wears a device that monitors the body. For a retiree you may monitor blood pressure, heart rate and weight. Essentially this technology will eliminate the need to for routine medical services, as it monitors them throughout your day.

This information would then be uploaded into your computer, or through wireless technology and be sent to your doctor for evaluation. This is already being done with personal medical observation such as in glucose monitoring.
Eliminating the need for regular routine checkups is one way to make life much easier for retirees who really just want to enjoy their freedom, and not be bogged down by going to the doctor every few months.