8 Ways Technology Will Make Life Better for Retirees

safety monitors

6) Safety monitors

Similarly aligned to smart home technology, home safety monitors are a non-invasive medical technology that monitors the inhabitants of a home. This is not a video camera watching your every move, but rather a home with hundreds or thousands of sensors monitoring how you are responding in your home.

While the technology is designed for others to monitor the elderly, the purpose is driven to assist in managing an elderly person’s life. For example, think of a pill container designed to send a text or email if your dad doesn’t take his pill by a certain time of the day. Or, home sensor technology that reports someone who suddenly stopped moving in the middle of a room or hallway. You would even be able to receive messages if regularly used appliances or the television have not been used for a while, or during times you know they would be used.

These home monitors and sensors are part of the quick-response idea of knowing that someone is in danger and getting them help as soon as possible. These monitors even have the ability to contact emergency services within preset criteria.