11 Cheapest Places in Illinois To Buy a Home

Abraham Lincoln’s Home

When you think of Illinois, your mind probably immediately jumps to Chicago. This is normal, since Chicago is the third largest city in the country and one of the most well-known cities in the world. While there’s no denying this city’s importance, there’s much more to Illinois than this famous metropolis. Illinois is a diverse state with roots in farming, agriculture, natural resources, and industry. It’s also been hiding some quaint towns, with uber-safe communities, inherent history, and cheap real estate. If you’re looking to settle into a peaceful life with your family, these eleven affordable Illinois towns could be worth checking out as you consider where to buy a new home.

1) Springfield

Located in central Illinois, the state’s capital is home to about 115,000 people. Springfield has several claims to fame. Most notably, it’s where former-President Lincoln lived for over two decades as a politician and lawyer before departing for Washington D.C. in 1861. There are multiple historical tributes dedicated to Lincoln throughout the city. On a less serious historical note, Springfield also claims to have invented the corn dog and the first drive-thru window in the country (still in operation today!). If you become a resident in Springfield, you’ll become privy to certain food items like the “horseshow sandwich” and “chilli” (double L’s), which has earned the city the nickname of The Chilli Capital of the Civilized World.  The cost of living is 13% below the national average and 12% below the state average. The median home price is within many folk’s budgets at $116,600.