11 Cheapest Places in Illinois To Buy a Home

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5) Quincy

History buffs will feel right at home in Quincy. Most impressive is the All Wars Museum, housing over 5,000 artifacts dating back to the Revolutionary War all the way to the current “War on Terror.” There’s also a piece of Tower One taken from the Twin Towers and displayed as a 9/11 memorial after the attacks in 2001. The James Wood Mansion, built in 1835, has also been preserved to honor the state’s 12th governor. Historic sites aside, Quincy is one of the cheapest places for real estate in the state and the nation. The median home price is amazingly under $100,000 and it’s definitely possible to find two-bedroom houses around $80,000. Complimenting the housing costs is the overall cost of living, which is 19% lower than the national average. Quincy has almost a dozen private schools and five post-secondary schools. The down-side? The crime rate is slightly above average.[adrotate group=”3″]

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