10 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Missouri


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3) Ladue

This Saint Louis suburb with its population of over 8,000 seems huge compared to the aforementioned neighborhoods. It even has its own school system and a small, yet quaint, downtown shopping district. Here, the Saint Louis Country Club and nearby Bogey Golf Club are two of the favorite local hang outs. Ladue has the highest median household income of any city in Missouri, with a population of over 1,000. This is certainly a wealthy neighborhood with the average household raking in $142,000 and the average family earning $180,000. Ladue appears to be a community that favors traditional values. Two cases that received national attention involved court cases over disputes involving the first amendment and familial status. Ladue has very little diversity, racially or economically, and over 80% of residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. The economy is centered around real estate, finance, and insurance.[adrotate group=”3″]


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4) Westwood

Just minutes away from Country Life Acres and Huntleigh, Westwood is another St. Louis County neighborhood that wealthy Missourians favor. Westwood is a little over a half square mile and houses just under 300 residents, many of whom enjoy leisurely afternoons at the neighborhood’s country club. The median household income in 2010 was nearly $120,000, ensuring that folks here can afford the average $730,000-plus home. The homes in Westwood are both charming, modern. Home appreciation has risen more than 5%. This is a safe, familial neighborhood with the crime rates hovering at 60% less than the city of St. Louis. Almost one third of the households have children under 18. These families have excellent choices of public-school options, with nearby Laude and Parkway School Districts. Business management and healthcare are the most common fields of employment for Westwood residents.

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