10 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Missouri

7) Clarkson Valley

A city of roughly 2,600 people, Clarkson Valley is the farthest city from St. Louis at 30 miles away. This affluent neighborhood is a great choice for families raising children. 40% of households have offspring under 18 living at home. The median household income is around $154,000. Rockwood School District has a selection of excellent public schools serving the city, in addition to several local schools in Clarkson Valley. This area is a good pick for those who crave natural scenery. Clarkson Valley boasts a peaceful location amongst tall trees, rolling hills, and valleys with all residential property resting on a minimum of 1-acre of a land. There is a medical office within the city, as well as a country club. The basic philosophy of this city (as declared by the Mayor) is “less government is good government” with a focus on personal safety, property values, and the environment.


8) Crystal Lake Park

Located about 15 miles west of St. Louis, Crystal Lake Park is listed as a Class 4 city, with a small population of under 500 people. It’s almost completely surrounded by the cities and neighborhoods of Huntleigh, Town and Country, Country Life Acres, Westwood, and Frontenac. The median household income is around $80,000. This is one of the more affordable locations to purchase property when compared to other locations on this list. The average home price hovers under $400,000. Management, business, finance, and health practitioners are the main fields of employment for residents in Crystal Lake Park. Most commuting times is less than 20 minutes to work. Hunter Park is the central point of the neighborhood and was recently commissioned in 2015. It currently has a playground and the neighborhood plans to continually improve upon the park, eventually adding gardens and electricity to support park events.