10 States Where You Pay Less Taxes


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7) Arizona

Living in Arizona is a breeze tax-wise, which is nice on those 110 degree days. The income tax on salaries over $10,000/year is only 4.59%, one of the lowest in the nation. The gas tax is extremely low as well, which is great if you tend to have a longer commute for work. Additionally, Arizona has the 16th-lowest property tax in the nation (looking for a summer home?). Groceries and prescriptions are exempt from state sales tax, although they are subject to local and county taxes, which range from 2.57% to 5.3% depending on the area. Like many of the states on this list, there is an annual tax on vehicles, related to the car’s value that goes down as the value of the vehicle goes down. [adrotate group=”3″]

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