9 Ways to Start Saving Money Now!

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5) Sleep on It

If you find you’re enticed to buy something, take a step back and wait. Oftentimes, we get caught up in the moment of the excitement of something new. Follow the 24-Hour rule and wait. If you shop online, leave the purchase in your shopping cart, and don’t finalize the purchase. If you’re at a store, leave the item and the store. Oftentimes, waiting for that impulse buy moment to pass can save on unnecessary purchases. This, in turn, can save you money. If you wait until you are out of that initial rush of adrenaline, you may view the purchase in a different way. You may find that you don’t actually need it. From there, take the money you would have spent on the item and sock it away in your savings account. Don’t have a savings account? Continue reading…[adrotate group=”3″]

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