9 Discounts Canadian Seniors Can Only Get If They Know

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travelWhether you are still working hard on your career or you are enjoying your retirement, as a senior citizen you need to be very careful with your finances and be diligent in making every dollar stretch as far as it can. Luckily, here in Canada, there are several discounts and opportunities to save that will make looking at your bank account less stressful and a much more pleasant experience. If you think you need to be some economics guru or expert on the housing market, not to worry these are simple tips and cover a wide range of topics from movies and transportation to travel and education. For your peace of mind here are nine discounts that Canadian seniors have available to them, but only if they know where to look.

1) Travel

Once you retire it becomes so much easier to finally travel to those places you never had time or money to go to while supporting a whole family and tied to a corporate vacation schedule. Since most seniors are not tied to a schedule, it is significantly easier to get a good deal because of the ability to wait for those cheaper flights. In addition to the flexibility of timing as an advantage to travel expenses and what many seniors don’t know though is that travelers of sixty years of age or over can save on adult regular VIA rail fares in economy class. In addition, all passengers ages sixty-two and above receive a ten percent discount on any unrestricted Greyhound passenger fare. These cost savers can make traveling in your golden years considerably more affordable and those vacation destinations seem a little more within reach.


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