9 Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Car

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detail yearlyCar value really only tends to matter to people when they are buying or selling a car. Unfortunately, that is a mistake. If you don’t take steps to maintain your car’s engine and appearance from day one, you may put a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle that will negatively impact its value when you eventually want to sell it.

1) Detail yearly

Have you ever wondered why some cars always look like they are brand new, even if you know the owner has had it for years? Well, it is all about an owner who loves their car and likely gets yearly auto detailing.

A good detailing job, even once a year, will make your car look and feel as if it is brand new. Detailers will wash and shampoo your interior cloth, clean your leather, dust, and vacuum out all those tiny spaces you never seem to be able to reach, and if you’re lucky, they will add that secret formula of “new car smell.”

Most cars still look pretty good after a year of use. It is not until 2, 3, or 4 years later that those stains begin to set in, the crumbs between the seats become part of the fabric, and the fabric forms a footprint in the place you like to rest your feet on the floorboard. A yearly detail not only freshens up your car, but keeps you conscious of how nice it is to drive a new car and you will naturally have more of an inclination to take care of it. From a buyer’s perspective, the nicer your car looks, the more it looks like the owner took care of it. Hence, it is much more valuable than buying a possible lemon.


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2) Change your oil

Outside of keeping your vehicle looking nice on the exterior is the importance of keeping it running smoothly the entire time you own the car. One of the best ways to keep your car running smoothly is to get regular oil changes.

Oil works as a lubricant to keep the metal parts of your engine running smooth and efficiently. Without changing your oil and the oil filter regularly, those parts need to labor more to run, and will eventually be running with a lot of friction on them. This can result in either damaged components, or your engine locking up. Neither of which is cheap to fix.

Changing your oil is also one of the few things almost every vehicle owner knows is important. So, when you go to sell your car, be ready for the question, “Did you perform regular oil changes?” and then expect, the words, “Prove it!” A new buyer is not trying to be a jerk. They are just aware that if your vehicle did not receive regular oil changes there is a high potential for unexpected repairs in the future. Hence, the value of your car is worth less than the car of the person who regularly changed their oil.


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3) Perform manufacturer’s service suggestions

Along with oil changes, manufacturers have a list of suggested maintenance at mile-intervals. Your local auto shop or repairman should be keeping you updated on when these maintenance checks should occur. If they don’t, you can find them in your car’s owner manual.

By keeping your car regularly serviced you are making sure that future owners will not have any unexpected surprises, and if they do they were not due to your negligence. This peace of mind generally gives knowing buyers a feeling of security. This includes changing your tires and brakes when needed. In fact, one of the biggest concerns buyers will have is the quality of your tires and brakes. For one, they are easy to visually inspect, and two, they are imperative to the safety of vehicle occupants. In addition, they have an overall effect on the quality of your vehicle and how it performs. Think in terms of gas mileage, and driving in slippery or wet conditions.

Overall maintenance of your car adds to the overall value, and more often than not gives you leverage over hagglers.


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4) Keep all of your service records

For anyone who has ever invested in wine, you will know that the provenance of a fine wine is as important as the year, variety, vineyard, and winery. The same holds true for a car’s value. The make and model are of course important, as is the mileage. But, just as important is the provenance of the vehicle in regards to you and how you have taken care of it.

It’s useful to have all of your work completed with the same mechanic who keeps track of all of your vehicle records. However, it is equally important to hold onto all records concerning your car’s maintenance. You want to keep track of everything from detailing and oil changes, to tire replacement and major auto work. Even tracking your carwashes shows prospective buyers that you were detailed with the care of your car.

This provenance of records is highly respected, as most vehicle owners are not nearly so diligent in maintaining their cars.


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