9 Reasons You Need Good Credit

bank account

4) Get a Bank Account

Bad credit is one of those things that can affect you in many ways. Even if you are trying to repair your credit and become better at money management there are obstacles you are going to have to face. One of those may simply be getting a checking account.

Remember, it is a bank who gives you a loan. So, why would you think that same bank would shirk on their commitments to other customers by allowing someone with poor money management skills to bank with them. From the bank’s perspective they see poor credit as someone who is more likely to bounce a check, write bad checks, overdraft their account often and a variety of other money management problems that costs the bank time and money.

The good thing is that many banks have a “beginner” program. This is a simple checking account that has fewer benefits than a traditional bank account, however it does give you the opportunity to store your money and retrieve it as necessary. You may be subject to lower withdrawal limits, daily spending limits and you may have to pay more fees.