9 Reasons You Need Good Credit

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8) To Get a Job

Getting a job can also be a factor when it comes to good and bad credit. In all fairness, the type of job you are applying for will play a role in whether or not you are given or turned down for a job due to your credit.

Employers who are looking for someone to manage money for their company, or manage money for their company’s clients will often want to make sure the person they are hiring is capable of managing their own wealth. The obvious correlation the company is trying to make here is that if you can’t handle your own money, how in the world will you be able to handle the companies millions of dollars.

Many of these jobs may include investment bankers, a company’s treasurer, accountants or company leaders. While this is not a new trend in business, it has started to seep down into lower levels and this is because many companies, valid or not, feel that your credit is a direct link to your work behavior. Hence, if you have good credit, you are a more responsible and conscientious worker.