11 Cheapest Places in Ontario Canada to Buy a Home

5) Kingston

In Kingston, the average house price is $305,155 CAD. The city of Kingston also has a low unemployment rate of 6.3 percent. The city of Kingston is located on Lake Ontario, and they offer plenty of water-based activities. You can go on boat rides on Lake Ontario, or you can go kayaking or canoeing. You can also enjoy views of the lake at MacDonald Park or Breakwater Park. The city of Kingston also has a variety of historic sites to explore, including the famous Fort Henry. This fort has exhibits on 19th century military life. In the summer, they have a ceremony at sunset each day. Plus, the city of Kingston has a vibrant downtown area that’s full of shops and restaurants. You’ll always find something fun to do when you’re living in Kingston.


6) Thunder Bay

If you want to move to a beautiful lakefront city, Thunder Bay is a great choice for you. This city is located on Lake Superior, and its median home price is $264,900 CAD. The city of Thunder Bay offers plenty of water-based activities, including boating, diving, sailing, and surfing. There are also lots of land-based things to do in Thunder Bay. You can go for walks on the 34 miles of multipurpose trails that run through Thunder Bay. Or, you could go horseback riding at a local farm. In the winter, Thunder Bay offers fun sleigh rides and dog sledding. Or, you can head up to the nearby mountains and go skiing. There are also a few different business districts throughout Thunder Bay. These districts are all home to great shopping and delicious local restaurants.