11 Cheapest Places in Ontario Canada to Buy a Home

9) Bracebridge

In the lovely town of Bracebridge, the average price of a house is $276,179 CAD. This town is most famous for its numerous waterfalls. You can see five of these waterfalls at the High Falls site, which is easy to reach by car. The town also has many other beautiful parks where you can swim, go for walks, or have picnics. If you love gardens, check out the free Royal Centennial Gardens. This garden has lovely perennial and annual flower beds, water features, and a woodlands area. You can also check out the historical Manitoba Street, home to numerous local shops. On rainy days, catch a movie at the Norwood Theatre, which has been showing movies since 1926. Or, go see a play at the Rene M Caisse Memorial Theatre. There’s plenty to do in Bracebridge during all types of weather.


10) Stratford

The artistic city of Stratford has a low unemployment rate of 5.6 percent. The average price of a home in this beautiful city is $276,979 CAD. The city of Stratford is best known for its annual Stratford Festival. During this festival, a wide variety of plays are put on, including many Shakespeare plays. They also often host the world premieres of plays, and they put on classic musicals. When the Stratford Festival ends, you’ll still find plenty to do in Stratford. The city is famous for its artwork, and they have numerous galleries in their downtown area. They also host Art in the Park during the summer. At this event, artists display their work every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. The city of Stratford also has tons of great restaurants and breweries, and they have many lovely parks and gardens.