10 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Ohio

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Finding the best area to settle into can be difficult, especially when you aren’t quite sure what to look for. There is something for everyone in Ohio, and each city, town, or village has its own unique gems that attract newcomers each year. When it comes to wealth, there is more to a great neighborhood than just money and success, but oftentimes suffi-cient income is the starting point for a more vibrant scene. Here are the 10 wealthiest neighbor-hoods in Ohio according to statistics collected in 2010 by the United States Census Bureau.

1) Pepper Pike, Ohio

Pepper Pike is a Cuyahoga County community with a median per capita income of $71,255. There are currently 6,040 active residents in Pepper Pike, and its close proximity to Cleveland offers endless opportunity for career advancement and financial success. The local school district has been recognized as one of the best in the state, and many known the state motto as “A great place to live and work.” Pepper Pike is a well balanced community that puts effort into regular city maintenance and team building activities. The majority of residents are well educated, and almost 70% of adult citizens possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher.


moreland hills

2) Moreland Hills, Ohio

Moreland Hills is another suburban village located in Cuyahoga County and has a median per capita income of $72,001. There are roughly 3,298 citizens living in Moreland Hills, which account for 1,286 households. It is the 9th wealthiest community in Ohio and contains little cultural diversi-ty with approximately 3.7% of residents being of African American descent, less than 0.1% with a Native American background, and 89.6% of citizens with a predominantly white/caucasian racial makeup. Around 5.6% of households are run by a single female while 71.6% are lived in by mar-ried couples. Overall, Moreland Hills is a safe community with very low poverty and unemploy-ment rates. Some notable individuals to come from Moreland Hills include Olympic swimmer Di-ana Munz and former United States President James A. Garfield.


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