10 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Illinois

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5) Lake Forest

Lake Forest is a city of art, dining, and recreation. With close to 20,000 residents, this city strives to make all its residents feel a sense of pride in the community. Lake Forest has set the scene for many novels and films such as The Vow, Ocean’s Twelve, and It. Not only has Lake Forest set the stage for many movies but many actors, sports players, and artists have also lived here.

Dining in the area is very diverse. This city offers many full service restaurants with a wide range of dining options as well as some more casual food places. Besides the abundant dining options, another selling point in Lake Forest is the lavish houses that cost over one million dollars. Residents in the area tend to make around $86,004 per year.
Every Saturday from June to October, Lake Forest has an open market. This market is always packed by residents who get fresh fruits, vegetables, breads, and jams. These types of events help to maintain and encourage a strong community.  [adrotate group=”3″]

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