10 Ways Your Cell Phone Will Be Way Better In The Future


improved batteriesScientists and mobile enthusiasts anticipate several developments in mobile technology that will revolutionize social interactions, health, entertainment, business and overall world wide communication. Countless ideas and predictions have been made concerning cell phone development, and not all of them are entirely farfetched. The future, as seen in 1980’s time travel movies, is now considerably within arm’s reach, and humans are on the brink of the next Digital Age.

1) Improved Batteries and Fuel Cells

Battery life is one of the most frustrating obstacles that consumers run into. With all of the activity that is now conducted on a mobile phone, users often can’t go more than a few hours without having to charge their devices, simply because batteries are so easily drained. Things like streaming, emailing, web browsing and texting all pull together to give your mobile experience a shorter lifespan. Developers are now predicting more widespread use of solar-powered battery packs as well as alternative energy sources including but not limited to magnetic and kinetic conduction, eventually eliminating the need to plug a charger into an outlet. Such energy sources exist and are commonly used. It’s only a matter of time before they are applied to mobile technology, providing more sustainable and eco-friendly options for the typical smartphone user.


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