9 Ways to Make Your Job Less Miserable

perspectiveThere’s an old saying. “It’s not supposed to be fun—-that’s why they call it work.” Some people luck out and land a career of their dreams, but most of us know all too well the meaning of the term, “daily grind.” Whether it’s the regular stress of daily work life, or being stuck with toxic co-workers and/or management, there are ways to lessen the misery factor of your job.

1) Get some perspective

Remember how big a deal high school seemed? How about college? Now how do they measure up to the rest of your life? A job should be looked at the same way. Most people switch careers, or at least who they work for, a few times in their professional life. The days of staying with one company for thirty or forty years are no longer the norm. Working at a job that you aren’t completely thrilled with isn’t a life sentence. A few hours out of one day, even a bad day, is just a blip on a person’s life.

Even if an employee is long term, whatever is making the job miserable is only temporary. People move on, even the annoying ones although it just seems to take them longer. Also, a person is more than their job, or should make an effort to be so, if they aren’t. As much of a pain as a job might be, it is only a small part in the big picture of life.