11 Ways to Turn Your Old Junk into Cash

SortClosetEveryone has stuff that they stopped using long ago laying around the home, doing nothing but taking up space. The good news is that you just might have a gold mine hidden right under your bed or in the back of your closet. Making the decision to trade some of that stuff in will not only help you free up some much needed space at home, but you should be able to trade in a lot of that “junk” for cash to acquire items that you really want! Here are eleven tips to help lighten the load and turn your old junk into cash.

1) Sort Through Your Stuff

Go through your closet, jewelry box, garage, storage bins, attic or wherever you might have stuff you don’t use anymore. Too often, we hang on to items that we never use, but just don’t part with for whatever reason. Some people have difficulty letting go of these items, but it’s a lot easier to say goodbye to an item when you realize you are going to turn it in for something better.


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