9 Things Never To Do To Your House Or Apartment

old thermostat

2) Don’t think your old fashioned thermostat is just fine

Maybe your dad used that old thermostat, and your grandfather thought it was the best thing next to sliced bread. However, thinking your old thermostat is just fine for you, may be a mistake.

Old thermostats may have been nice for keeping your house temperatures regulated to a specific temperature, the same temperature, day and night, in all rooms. Yet, this may be a considerable cost to your potential energy savings. By replacing your old thermostat, you could save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars a year in energy bills, and for some, significant tax credits. New thermostats not only adjust the temperatures in your house during the night and day, but can be set on a regular hourly schedule every day of the week, while on vacation, and—get this—for different zones in your house. Yes, that means your wife who’s always freezing can stay warm in the living room, while you remain cozy in your man-cave.