9 Things Never To Do To Your House Or Apartment

electric heater

3) Don’t leave space heaters unattended

We love space heaters, right? They keep our drafty old home warm, are portable, with convenient temperature settings. They are also responsible for 25,000 home fires a year, and 6,000 hospital visits.

While convenient, unattended space heaters can cause problems to your house as well as infants and pets. Space heaters generate a significant amount of heat, and are therefore also a burn and shock hazard for anyone who comes in contact with them, and who may not understand their dangers.

In addition to physical burns, this concentrated heat has a tendency to build with objects susceptible to heat, such as the latest novel you laid down in front of the heater, that pair of socks you just took off, or perhaps the fabric on your couch and carpet on your floor. The consequences are actually severe enough that many towns and cities have banned the sale of several types of space heaters. If you do choose to use a space heater, be careful and keep an eye on it.