11 Cheapest Places In Texas To Buy A Home


The Lone Star state is famous for its wide-open spaces, southern hospitality, and stunning and diverse landscapes. In this huge state, you’ll find everything from top-notch beaches to towering mountains to sprawling deserts. Texas is a great place to live, and it can also be very affordable to live in this state. Throughout Texas, you’ll find inexpensive small and large towns that offer a high stand of living. These towns typically have low home prices, and they’re full of welcoming residents. The towns also have great amenities for families, including many parks and good schools. If you’re hoping to find a good place to live in Texas that won’t break your budget, these eleven towns may be perfect for you.

1) Harlingen

According to CBS News, Harlingen the cheapest place to live in the United States. This town is home to about 75,000 people, and it’s located in the Rio Grande Valley in Southeastern Texas. The average price of a home in this town is $229,558. Plus, the cost of living is 17 percent lower than the national average. The town of Harlingen has plenty to offer residents. They host many community events, including a farmers’ market every Saturday. They also have a variety of festivals throughout the year. The town of Harlingen also has many beautiful parks. This includes the Harlingen Thicket, which has 40 acres of native brush and extensive trails. When you’re living in Harlingen, you’ll be able to take advantage of the town’s many great low-cost and free amenities.


2) Pflugerville

The town of Pflugerville is located just 14 miles from downtown Austin, and it offers a median home price of $165,100. This charming small town is known for its safe streets. The crime rate in Pflugerville is 54 percent lower than the Texas average. The town also hosts numerous events every week. On Pflugerville’s community calendar, you’ll see everything from farmers’ markets to music in the park to holiday parades. The town of Pflugerville also has lots of other fun things to do. Shop until you drop at the 200-acre Stone Hill Town Center, which has many top chain stores. Or, check out some delicious local restaurants, including one of the numerous classic Texas BBQ spots. When the weather is nice, go for walks around Lake Pflugerville, or stroll through Pfluger Park in downtown Pflugerville.


Stonehenge replica at Odessa College

3) Odessa

The West Texas city of Odessa is home to about 117,000 people, and it has an affordable median home price of $103,200. The city is full of fascinating things to see and do. If you’re an art lover, head to the Ellen Noel Art Museum. This museum has four galleries, two classrooms, and a sculpture garden. They also often have temporary exhibitions with works from top artists. If you’d rather spend your time outdoors, Odessa also has plenty for you to do. Check out the Ratcliff Ranch Golf Links and play a few rounds of golf on their Scottish-style course. Or, head to one of the many parks located throughout Odessa. When you’re hungry, try one of Odessa’s many delicious restaurants. This includes local favorite Permian Basin Hamburger Company, well- known for their chili cheeseburger. You won’t run out of fun things to do in Odessa.


4) Lewisville

If you’re hoping to move to a city that’s close to Dallas, Lewisville is a good choice for you. In this suburban city, the median home price is an inexpensive $153,000. The city has tons of attractions that are beloved by both locals and visitors. The city regularly hosts large festivals, and they have free outdoor concerts in the summer. They also have top-notch theater and dance performances at the Medical City Lewisville Grand Theater, which includes a lovely art gallery as well. Plus, the city is home to the beautiful Lewisville Lake. There are many activities and nature programs held at this lake, and you can also kayak, canoe, or go fishing on the lake. The city of Lewisville has something for everyone, from theater aficionados to nature lovers.


5) Duncanville

The town of Duncanville has a low median home value of $112,700, making this town one of the most affordable in Texas. The town is located in proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth, so commuting to both cities is as easy. When you’re living in Duncanville, you can take advantage of everything both Dallas and Fort Worth have to offer. There’s also plenty to do in Duncanville itself. On nice days, head over to Joe Pool Lake, which is located on the border of Duncanville. At this 1826-acre park, you can go birdwatching, fishing, or jet-skiing. You can also picnic on the lake’s shore. Also, don’t miss Duncanville’s many great cultural sites. Catch a show at the Duncanville Community Theatre, or learn about cultures from around the world at the Museum of International Cultures. The wonderful community of Duncanville is full of small-town charm.


6) Lancaster

The town of Lancaster was first founded as a frontier post in 1852. This historic small town is located close to Downtown Dallas, and it has a median home value of $101,400. The town has numerous fascinating museums, including the Visitors Center and State Auxiliary Museum. This museum has exhibitions about the history of Texas, and they also have many artifacts on display. The town of Lancaster is also home to the Cold War Air Museum, which displays aircrafts from the Cold War era in a 45,000-acre hangar facility. The town also has options for outdoor lovers, including a 600-acre park system and a golf course. Plus, Lancaster has ton of great places to eat, including delicious BBQ restaurants, a Mexican cantina, a tasty bakery, and a classic diner.


7) McAllen

CBS News ranked McAllen as the third-cheapest place to live in the United States. The average cost of a home in this town is $178,000, and the cost of living is 16.2 percent lower than the national average. McAllen is located in southern Texas, close to the United States-Mexico border. It’s home to the International Museum of Art and Science, a museum that displays works from top artists and educational scientific exhibits. The town of McAllen is also home to the beautiful Quinta Mazatlan sanctuary. This peaceful urban sanctuary has a beautiful garden filled with native plants. The sanctuary also has a stunning, Spanish revival style mansion. There are also great stores to shop at in McAllen, and the town has many delicious local restaurants.


8) Somerset

The town of Somerset is located just 25 miles from San Antonio, so you’re just a short drive from its sights and attractions. Somerset offers a low cost of living with a median home value of $78,400. This town of approximately 1,800 people is home to a lovely little park, Vernon G Schimel Memorial Park. This park has a playground and a large picnic area that’s the perfect spot to go on warm summer days. When you’re craving some good pizza, head to Constantino’s, a tasty casual Italian eatery. Or, you can get some authentic Mexican fare at El Paraiso, Vallarta Grill, or El Gallo Mexican Restaurant. The city also regularly hosts community events, including holiday celebrations and outdoor markets. Somerset is the perfect place to move to if you want to live in a quintessential small town.



9) Mesquite

The suburban city of Mesquite has an affordable median home value of $110,600. This city of 140,000 residents offers the feel of a big city at a much lower price-tag than nearby Dallas. The city also has plenty of fun things to do, including many parks that are full of trails, sports fields, and playgrounds. One of the most popular parks is Samuell Farm North Park, a 609-acre park with camping, picnic areas, and numerous lakes and ponds. If you’re a fan of escape rooms, check out Xcape Adventures. Here, you can try your luck escaping from four different types of puzzle rooms. If you’re hungry after your escape room adventure, head to one of the many delicious local restaurants in Mesquite. You’ll find everything from authentic Greek cuisine to Tex-Mex fare here. There’s truly something for everyone in Mesquite.


10) Poteet

The San Antonio suburb of Poteet has a low median home value of $50,500. The town of Poteet is a very affordable place to live, and it also offers a lot for its residents. The town is most famous for its annual Strawberry Festival. This festival is typically held in the spring, and it includes a parade, live music, food vendors, arts and crafts booths, and plenty of strawberries to sample. The town of Poteet also has cute local restaurants, including Irma’s Café, which is a popular spot for breakfast. Poteet is a quaint small town, conveniently located close to San Antonio. If you need to do some shopping or are planning on traveling, San Antonio is just about 30 miles away. In Poteet, you’ll get to experience small-town charm while still living close to a big city.


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