11 Cheapest Cities in the U.S. To Retire

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5) Sun City, Arizona

Re-settling in Arizona is a great way to hold onto precious retirement dollars. The southwestern state is well-known as an affordable retirement hub. Arizona doesn’t tax Social Security income and property taxes are below the national average. Sun City is especially pleasant for retirees as it’s one of the first active adult communities in the world. The median home value is $174,250, making it affordable. Sun City offers retirees a way to enjoy all the great aspects of living in Arizona without chipping away at their savings. There’s an abundance of activities including 7 recreational centers, 8 golf courses, 3 country clubs, and 2 bowling centers. Lastly, Sun City is just a few hours south of one of the biggest attractions in the U.S., the Grand Canyon National Park. Sun City is perfect for retirees who desire to live in Arizona, but can’t stomach the price tag of Tucson or Phoenix.[adrotate group=”3″]

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