10 US States Where You Pay the Least Taxes

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5) Florida

Florida is already a great state with its beautiful weather but what helps to make Florida even better is its lack of income tax. While there is no income tax, there is a sales tax. Sales tax in Florida ranges from 6.0% to 7.5%. This range is not too much above the national average. Another benefit of living is Florida is during August, Florida has a tax free weekend on sale purchases. If you really want to save money on taxes, it may be worth it to wait for this weekend. This is especially beneficially for people going back to school since this weekend tends to be close to the start of school year. Property tax averages around 0.97% but can fluctuate significantly based on the market value of the home. This small tax rate on property combined with the zero income tax might make you move to Florida.

Income Tax: None
Sales Tax: 6.0%-7.5%
Property Tax: 0.97%

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