10 Jobs Paying Over $100k That Aren’t Stressful!

For some people, choosing a career can be a battle between high income and what they love. However, the variety among jobs that pay very well is higher than you think. These careers range from technologically-oriented to business-focused to anthropological. Plus, if you are doing something you enjoy, you are unlikely to be particularly stressed. So, you may be able to receive a great paycheck without feeling overly burdened by responsibilities. In fact, there are several low-stress jobs out there that have 6-digit salaries. Having these jobs will help relieve you of your financial worries. If this appeals to you, take note of these 10 jobs paying over $100k that aren’t stressful.

1) Economist

If numbers and the financial goings on in the world interest you, making your living as an economist may suit you. To be successful in this job, you will need considerable education. If you get a PhD and partake in economic analyses, you will be well-suited for this career. In addition to doing research and analyzing economic trends over time, you will need to publish your work. Being an economist will afford you a great understanding of how the economy changes over time. Therefore, you will have a good idea of how to handle your own money. And speaking of money, you will bring home quite a lot—up to almost $168,000 per year, according to This job is also fairly low-stress, as your intensive education will prepare you well to handle the analyses you set your aims towards.


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2) Curator

Some people love learning about, and helping to maintain records of history and culture. If this sounds like you, perhaps you should consider a career as a curator. Curators work to develop exhibits and collections of pieces for museums and galleries—and they make a great salary. In fact, curators often make over $127,000 annually, according to You will be able to find curator jobs at museums, heritage centers, and galleries. Your responsibilities may vary a bit depending on the specific position. However, regardless of where you work, you will be helping to preserve important works that can educate people. And since you can work with history and culture that you appreciate, you will enjoy your job. Being able to engage and teach others will allow you to get your job done without causing yourself stress.


3) Biostatistician

If you want to help the world through science but not do lab work, biostatistician jobs may suit you. This is especially true if you enjoy working with numbers. Biostatisticians work with science data to develop means of addressing public health issues. There are jobs available on levels ranging from local to federal, some of which pay extremely well. Jobs in the federal government or private sector may pay close to $130,000 annually, according to The job prospects for biostatisticians are quite good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job growth to increase in coming years. Plus, these jobs are available in a variety of workplaces. Biostatisticians are needed in health organizations, research companies, the government, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Since this job works with numbers, you can help others without the stress of front line patient work.


4) Operations Research Analyst

People who are interested in mathematics and management may enjoy having a job as an operations research analyst. Companies that need such workers include insurance carriers, financial services, chemical manufacturers, and more. This job involves data collection and analysis, and application of data to program evaluation and development. You will have to be good working collaboratively to solve problems and succeed. Additionally, computer, communication, and organizational skills will serve you well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can make over $132,000 a year at the top of this field. If you are great at your job, you can be secure in your mathematical abilities and do well. Therefore, you will not have to stress out about the tasks ahead of you. So, you can enjoy your work and be satisfied with the help you will give to your employer.


5) Geologist

If you are fascinated by the Earth and its composition, you should consider becoming a geologist. This job involves examining rocks and fossils, and applying scientific knowledge to understand how they came to be. Geologists may also be responsible for locating natural resources and creating geological maps. As a scientist, you will have to be able to communicate your ideas clearly. As someone who can effect real change, you also must be aware of environmental regulations. Alternatively, you can choose to teach geological science at a college in addition to publishing works. This job allows you to advance scientific knowledge without exposing you to dangerous chemicals or procedures. Thus, you can be highly successful without having a particularly stressful career. If you are among the best in your field, you can make a salary of over $110,000 according to


6) Actuary

For people who really understand financial matters and the effects that they have, pursuing an actuary job is apt. Actuaries are responsible for economic risk assessment through statistics, computer modeling, communication, and more. Depending on where you live, qualifications may differ. But if you have a good education, you will be more likely to get a better position. Since this is a highly intellectual job, you will have to be a good problem solver and good with details to succeed. Assuming you have these skills, however, being an actuary is not as stressful a job as you might expect. You will work with data and probabilities, so you will be able to be secure in your work once you have developed the necessary skills. Additionally, top-notch actuaries may make up to, or even over, $250,000 per year.


7) Marketing Manager

One job that will appeal to people who have strong organizational and strategy skills is being a marketing manager. This job involves partaking in analysis of marketing strategies to plan future marketing campaigns. Familiarity with trends, communication skills, problem solving, and creativity are key for this work. To be a marketing manager, you only need an undergraduate education in a business field. This means that you will not need to invest in graduate school to get a rewarding and well-paying career. However, you will need to have some marketing experience, whether at the same or a different company. But this experience will grant you further confidence in your skills. This will allow you to succeed without getting stressed out. At big companies like Walmart and Hewlett-Packard, you can make over $130,000 annually, according to


8) Welding Engineer

Though welding may not seem like the most highbrow job, being a welding engineer is a step up. As with other engineering jobs, welding engineering involves problem solving and knowledge of materials. Specifically, people with this job develop techniques and product designs involving welding. They also write up technical reports to aid in the direction of future research and applications. Your planning skills and communication abilities will allow you to develop techniques that work well. And since you will have experience analyzing technical issues and procedures, you can be confident in your work, without stressing. Additionally, the pay you will receive will be great. If you work for top companies like Tesla, according to, you will make over $120,000. For an entry-level job, you may only need a Bachelor’s degree, and you can work your way up the chain.


9) Food Technologist

Some people are foodies, and finding a food-related job that pays well can allow them to live their dream. If you are such a person, you may love a career as a food technologist. This job involves working with recipes to improve them, designing food production processes, writing reports, and more. You can find a food technologist job in various places, such as government organizations, retailers, and universities, among others. Depending on your location in the country, you can make quite a high salary. For instance, according to, in some metropolitan cities, you can earn over $135,000 per year. Luckily, with this type of job, you can expect very little stress along with the great pay. Between doing what you love and developing strong communication and detail skills, you will readily succeed.


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