9 Things You Should Never Do To Your Car

tire pressure

4) Ignore tire pressure

Those darn lights on the dashboard can sure be annoying, and half the time people don’t even know what the light is for, or assume there is a fault in the car. However, for an easy fix such as refilling your tires’ air pressure, you can save yourself a lot of inconvenience, time, and money by paying attention to the notification lights on your dash. Ignoring tire pressure can lead to:

• Increase in braking distance

• Uneven wear on your tires resulting in a need to replace them sooner

• Hydroplaning, or slipping on wet surfaces

• More likely to get a flat tire

• Wastes fuel by uneven driving

• Affects you vehicles stability

Ignoring that tire pressure light will eventually cost you in safety, or money, by ignoring the indicator you may end up settling on both.