11 Cheapest Places In California To Buy A Home

[adrotate group=”7″]When you think of California, you probably imagine beautiful shorelines, craggy mountains, and laidback beachfront cities. California is known for its natural beauty, but many people think that to enjoy that beauty, you have to deal with a high cost of living. While houses in California’s major cities can get a bit pricey, there are plenty of smaller towns and cities where the cost of living is lower. These towns and cities offer the great standard of living that California is famous for. You’ll find these low prices in cities on California’s coast, inland cities, and suburbs of larger cities. If you’re thinking of moving to the Golden State, try looking for housing in these eleven cheapest California cities.[adrotate group=”6″]

1) Vacaville

The city of Vacaville is located just an hour outside of San Francisco. The median household income in Vacaville is $74,207, and the median home value is $291,400. This is much lower than other cities in the Bay Area. The city of Vacaville is a great place to live if you’re commuting to San Francisco. It’s also full of fun things to do. If you like hiking, head to Lagoon Valley Park. The 470-acre park has plenty of trails for hiking and mountain biking, and they also have a large dog park and disc golf. There are also lots of good places to shop in Vacaville. You can find great deals on clothes and other items at the city’s premium outlet shops. You can also shop for unique vintage wares at the Vacaville Vintage Market.[adrotate group=”3″][adrotate group=”7″]

2) La Mesa

If you’re hoping to live in Southern California, La Mesa is a great place for you to look. In this city, the median home price is $481,000. The city is just nine miles from San Diego, so you can easily take advantage of all the fun things to do there. There are also plenty of great things to do in La Mesa itself. On hot days, dive into the city’s municipal pool and do some laps. You can also check out the Art Walk in Downtown La Mesa. As you stroll through downtown, you’ll be able to see interesting works of public art. The city also hosts tons of different festivals throughout the year, including Oktoberfest, Park Appreciation Day, and a classic car and bike show. You’ll always be able to find something fun to do in La Mesa.

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