10 Wealthiest Neighborhoods in Texas

Texas is the largest state within the United States of America and is one of the most fiscally responsible with its population of highly educated individuals and conservative political influence. Texas has an abundance of professional sports teams, major government facilities, agricultural manufacturers, and iconic establishments run by NASA. There are currently over 27.4 million residents in all of Texas throughout 254 counties. It is ranked as the second most populous state in the nation. Out of the many regions, here are the 10 wealthiest neighborhoods in Texas according to the demographics recorded in the 2010 United States census.

1) Hilshire Village, Texas

Hilshire Village is a small city and neighborhood located in Harris County in Texas with a median income of $66,620. Approximately 746 residents live in Hilshire Village, as recorded by the 2010 United States census. The city can be found near the southeastern border of Texas and is well known for its strength in local community values and support. There are several schools throughout the area, which contribute to high income rates due to increased amounts of local college graduates. The area’s economy is fueled by the local newspaper known as the Memorial Examiner as well as the Spring Branch Memorial Branch of the Harris County Public Library. Hilshire Village is located near Houston, which offers employment opportunities as well as entertainment to residents of the neighborhood.


2) West University Place, Texas

West University Place is a city found in Harris County in Texas with a median income of $69,674. The city has a unique neighborhood dynamic, even with its rather large population of 14,787 residents. It is comprised of mostly upper class families, in terms of financial wealth, and appeals to alumni of Rice University, for which the city was originally named. The neighborhood architecture of West University Place consists of several cottages, bungalows, and Georgian style housing. Over 85% of residents possess a Bachelor’s degree, making West University Place one of the most educated communities in the region. Some popular individuals to come from West University Place include both Craig Biggio and Jeff Van Gundy from the National Basketball Association.


3) Mustang, Texas

Mustang is located in Navarro County in Texas and has a median income of $75,692. It is known for being the smallest town in the entire state of Texas with a minuscule population of 21 residents, which also contributes to its ranking as the 8th wealthiest area within state lines. Mustang is located off Interstate 45 in the northeastern portion of Texas and is unique in its income distribution— married women were recorded on the 2010 United States census as having a median income of $0. Historically, Mustang was incorporated for the sake of alcohol distribution in the 1970’s and has since suffered a decrease in population due to its fluctuation in alcohol laws. As one could imagine, there is little to do in Mustang with only 23 documented households and 0.1 square miles of land.


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