Handy Home Items that Quickly Pay for Themselves

With the cost of just about everything continually rising, it pays to invest in items that can actually help you recoup a little money. While you might be thinking about things like Solar Panels, they are fairly expensive. It can actually take some time before you reap the rewards. You’re on the right path, but think smaller. If you look around your house at common items that have advanced technologically, there are simple things you can use that will end up to paying for themselves relatively quickly and add up to savings in the long run.

1) LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are a cost-efficient way to save some money on your electric bill. Just one LED light bulb will cost you about $1.25 a year to run versus incandescent light bulbs which cost about $7.00 a year to run and need to be replaced much more frequently than LED’s, which last about 25,000 hours. They may cost a bit more initially, but you’ll save money on electricity and replacement bulbs. You’ll also forget about them once you install them, since they last an average of three years or more. You can even get energy efficient outdoor lights, such as flood lights, which are notorious for taking a lot of electricity even if they’re on a motion sensor.

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